Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact Doug Uffen ( to volunteer and for more information.

Event Date Committee Event Location Volunteers Required
Jan 11 - 14 USO Western Inter-University Geosciences Confer-ence WIUGC Winnipeg, MB 2
  USO Mentor Development Workshop Calgary, AB Inquire
  Public GeoSkills Calgary, AB Inquire
Mar 19-21 Public Earth Science For Society Calgary, AB Register Online
Mar 14-16 Public Rotary Career Symposium Winnipeg, MB 1
May 15-19 USO GEOCONVENTION at the Telus Convention Center Calgary, AB 8
May 17 TBD USO Canadian Finals Challenge Bowl at Telus Con-vention Center Calgary, AB 4
TBD Schools James Fowler High school Career Fair Calgary, AB 2
TBD USO Advances in Earth Science Research Confer-ence (AESRC)   Inquire
TBD Schools John G. Diefenbaker HS Career Fair Calgary, AB 2
TBD Schools I3 Tom Baines Science Fair Event Calgary, AB 12
TBD Schools Lester B. Pearson HS Career Fair Calgary, AB 2
TBD Schools Central Memorial HS Career Fair Calgary, AB 2
TBD Schools Sir Winston Churchill High School (Presentation) Calgary, AB 1-2
TBD Schools Notre Dame In-Class Presentation Calgary, AB 2
TBD USO Mentee/Mentor Event Calgary, AB Inquire
Jun 1 - 3 USO Geophysics Industry Field Trip (GIFT) Calgary / Canmore, AB Inquire